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It has been known in biophysics for many years that all particles emit their own unique electromagnetic frequency and that cells (and bacteria) communicate with each other via electromagnetic frequencies called photons. If we put a particle into a Spectrometer it will analyse the frequency of the particle and thus identify it. Via electrodes placed on a person and blood, hair, saliva, urine or stool placed in an electrode in this electronic therapeutic device the frequencies of the body brought into the device and identified.

This device is the only one in the world that has a special filter that separates the physiologically, good, harmonious frequencies from the pathological, bad, disharmonious frequencies. It need amplifies, makes bigger the physiological frequencies and inverts the pathological frequencies before sending them both back into the body. In the body the good cells and bacteria then have more energy and so they are stronger, however the bad cells, pathogens, toxins etc are inverted or killed and then eliminated from the body.